Gun Milan

An ancient technique to figure out the compatibility of two people who wish to get together and start a new life, Gun Milan tells us how favorable it is for you to come in a relationship or marry the person. There are instances in our life when we got attracted towards a particular person as well as there are also instances when we got repelled by someone. This is because of the Gun Milan. Gun Milan is an ancient Vedic science which includes a test of Horoscope matching charts among a Woman and Man’s for according to the marriage based only on the placement of one Planet Moon. It is an 8-fold Vedic test where the Natal Charts of the Man and the Woman are drawn and comparatively tested for compatibility in eight different ways.

These tests originated or formulated in the Vedic period over 3,000 years ago on the basis of long observations and studies. It used to and it still does play a very important role in marriages and it is the reason why most of the marriages in India lasts till the last breath of the couple, because in our culture, we believe relations are meant to be kept forever, it is not something that we can break and throw out of our life. That’s why in our ancient culture this very effective and reliable technique of finding the compatibility of the pair was devised which has been helping millions of people all across the globe, especially the east to live a peaceful and happy Married Life.

With his deep knowledge of ancient science; Pt. Shubham Sharma has made lots of ancient test to the improvement of the personal Relationship of the spouse and live a happy life with each other. Pt. Shubham Sharma has used this complicated technique of Gun Milan to find the perfect match for a number of pairs who are now living a happy and peaceful life. Know your compatibility with your fiancé or fiancée.

It is very important to match the complete horoscope or Kundli of the pair. If the Kundli doesn’t match properly, this may give rise to problems in their relationship and may lead to sad separation. Differences of opinion, lack of trust may occur. Here are some important points that should be kept in mind before Gun Milan or Match Making:

  • Age of the boy and the girl (longevity)
  • Is there any Vidhur Yog or Vaidvay yog (widow/widower yog)?
  • What is the strength of the horoscope on marriage front?
  • Dasha matching
  • Transit matching
  • Manglik dosha matching
  • Astros matching Yog of Vishkanya
  • Dosh samveyam
  • Dasha sandhi
  • Prosperity and other related stuff Matching
  • Matching of malefic planets which affected marital houses in horoscope
  • Matching of married life houses in horoscope
  • Matchmaking of significant planet of marriage
  • Pt. Shubham Sharma, a leading name in the field of Astrology and he is considered as a leading Gun Milan specialist. A number of clients are living a happy Married life because of his Matchmaking and Gun Milan services.