Know the Best Remedies for Inter-Caste Marriage’s Problem

According to our Indian traditions and Customs, marriages are the most important part of human's life. When the peoples do intercaste marriages in most of the cases these marriages are the type of love marriages. In a very few cases it happens that the inter-caste marriages become the traditional arrange marriage. In our customs, mostly parents do not accept the Inter caste marriages. In our India mostly parents want their children marriages in the same caste. In the present time, many people do not like the Love Marriages and Inter-caste Marriage. But the mostly person wants to do love marriages because they are in love wants their love.

Problems in Inter Caste Love Marriage

India is that country with several languages, cultures, foods and traditions. In our Hindu religion, many parents is not satisfied with the Intercaste love marriage of their children but the problem of our new generation is that mostly children have modern thinking and views and they do not bother our Indian traditions and customs when they feel more comfortable with having a life partner like which has same likes and dislikes, irrespective of creed and race. In today's life every love couple has a dream of love marriage with their lover but their simple thought is not complete due to family and society restrictions and it becomes the bigger problem of intercaste love marriage.

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