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An ancient technique based on years of Astronomical observations and research, Horoscope is a precise way to predict the future happenings of one’s life. Foretelling of events that may happen or situations perhaps problems that may arise in your life is done only by this technique. It is done with the help of Astrological calculations and predictions. Online Horoscope services are the most used and helpful services and a lot of people take benefit from this effective service. The horoscope results are devised or figured out with the help of Astrological chart that is devised or calculated according to the time, place and date. A chart can be created on various levels such as for a day, a month or a year and can also be calculated for an event. There are 12 symbols of Zodiac are there which represents planets, signs, and Geometric connections with the universe and human affairs also known as aspects. With Pt. Shubham Sharma’s Horoscope solutions, you can make your everyday amazing and can live your life to the fullest.

The advancement in technology has introduced computers in this field and a number of professional Astrologers are carrying out this job with the use of computers to perform the complicated calculations involved in obtaining your Horoscope.

In our Hindu Astrology the basic elements are as following:-

Astrological Experts like Pt. Shubham Sharma can help you succeed in every aspect of life, be it career, personal, marital or business and achieve all the success and pleasure that you dream of, with the help of reading and analyzing your Astrology chart and suggesting suitable Astrological remedies.

  • Rashi (zodiacal signs): The 12 Zodiacal signs are presumed according to the Date of Birth and also the name of the person which start of his/her first’s letter.
  • Nakshatra (Constellation): A Nakshatra plays a very important role in Hindu Astrology. It is one of the 27 divisions of the sky, identified by the prominent Star in them.
  • Dasha (planetary positions): Dasha tells about the positions of all the planets that govern to a large extent the affairs of a human being. The Dasa system tells us about which planet may be said that having become particularly active during the period of Dasha.
  • Grahas (Planets): The Planets play a very important role in the whole system of Astrology. The nine planets known as the ‘Graha’ has a very remarkable impact on human beings. When the Grahas are active in their Dasa or periodicities, and has a very vital role in person’s life.
  • Bhavas (Lunar Houses): The best way to study the various elements of the Jyotish Vidya is to see their role in chart evolution of actual person and how these are constructed.
  • Drishti (Sight): Drishti is an aspect to an entire house of planets known as the lunar house or the ‘Bhavas’. Grahas cast only forward aspects with the furthest aspect and this considered as the strongest.













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