Vaastu Astrology

In all the aspects of astrology, Vastu holds a very important place. It is the most widely used astrological technology in all across the globe. It is ancient knowledge of architecture devised thousands of years ago it is very helpful in maintaining peace and harmony as well as attracting wealth into the house. The ancient knowledge of Vaastu is completely based on modern scientific principles. The Sanskrit word ‘Vaastu’ generally means ‘dwelling’ or a place used for residence. The sacred knowledge of Vastu Shastra is a blessing to all humans, it is thousands of years old yet people all across the globe utilize it for the construction of their offices and homes because it is completely scientific, it involves a complete understanding of direction, topography, environment, and physics. Pt. Shubham Sharma has been helping people to build the home of their dreams for years with his deep knowledge and vast experience of the knowledge of Vastu.

The knowledge of Vastu is completely based on the scientific principles of physics, topography, and environment and does not involve any rituals or superstitions. As a matter of fact, it is the complete study from the size and orientation of the building that is to be made to the plot, soil, surroundings of the place. It is an ancient knowledge based on studies, observation and research which reveals secret of using all the five elements of this universe and their influences such as magnetic field, gravity and the most important, Sun with its effect of Ultra-violet and Infra-red rays in order to construct the most suitable building for the benefit of the client. If you wish to construct your house or office on the basis of this well-trusted sacred knowledge and welcome happiness in your home, consult Pt. Shubham Sharma, who is considered as one of the best Vastu Specialist in India and has helped over a thousand clients in building their dreams homes.

Pt. Shubham Sharma has a vast experience in the field of Vastu Shastra and he tells his Vastu services only after considering every factor from the entrance to kitchen and bedroom. Here are some of the important points, brought to you by Pt. Shubham Sharma Vastu Solutions that should be kept in mind while construction, renovation or decoration of the space:

  • The direction of Entrance: The door to the house is considered the most important feature of a house for many reasons. According to the ancient science of Vastu, the main entrance should be the path from where positive energy flows into the house. It is advisable that the entrance to the house should be from the East, North or the North-East.
  • Doors: Doors have a significant role in the overall Vastu of the house. All doors in the house should open inside. The north side of a house should not be blocked. All door hinges should operate smoothly without any noise.
  • Rooms Designing: According to the Vastu doctrine, every room should be in its particular direction.
  • The color of Walls: Colors plays a very important role and has a psychological impact on our thoughts and it is to be noted that the color of walls should not be very dark.
  • Airflow in the house: Airflow inside the house should be from the Northeast direction; to facilitate it Vastu Shastra also indicates the placements and height of doors, windows, and balconies.

Pt. Shubham Sharma is a well-known Vastu Specialist Pandit and has helped a large number of clients build the home of their dreams, where they can live peacefully with their family. Consult Pt. Shubham Sharma and get your house or office constructed according to the principles advocated in Vastu and welcome peace and prosperity in your life.